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   Jul 22

I want an Australian labradoodle puppy!

I love dogs. I grew up in a family that loves dogs. All of my friends love dogs. I have some friends who like cats too and in fact I even like a cat here and there, but there is something about dogs. They are like family. They have such huge personalities and they sorely miss you when you are gone. There is nothing like coming home and seeing your pet just so australian labradoodleexcited to have you there in the house with them. It is a wonderful feeling to have a dog just wag its tail and lick your face until they can’t do it any more. I am looking to get a dog and I am not sure what I would like to do. There are so many choices out there when it comes to getting a dog but I want to be sure I am getting a dog that will be good for not only me but for my friends and family since I really like to have people over. My sister in law is fairly allergic to dogs and she has three children ranging in age from 3 to 9. My brother’s youngest son, who is the 3 year old, loves dogs. He is the kid who goes up to any dog and sticks his hand in their mouth, pulls on their ears and treats them like his own personal gymnasium and pillow. Knowing that when I decide to get a dog and have family over, I need to get a dog that will have a temperament that will allow for a three year old to do all of these things. You see his dog is wonderful and so he is going to assume that all dogs respond to him that way.

That is when someone was telling me about labradoodles puppies and how they have the best temperaments around. Apparently not only are they well behaved, but they are intelligent, intuitive and very healthy. There are some breeds of dogs that unfortunately don’t stay very healthy through the breeding process, like German Shepherds. Unfortunately their hips don’t hold out for long and those dogs can have a lot of health problems. Great Danes are the same way, they seem to always be having heart issues. That is why I was excited to hear about Highlands Australian Labradoodle out of Parker, Colorado. They take the time to evaluate the health of each of their breeding dogs and put it on their website so people can see the health of the animals that they are buying. As well as that, they have adoption applications so they make sure that each of their labradoodle puppies get to a good home. Not only are they concerned about the individual health of the dogs, but for the entire health of the breed.

I am very excited to hear about Australian labradoodles because now when my brother, his wife and kids come over, we don’t have to worry about his kids getting bit and since Australian labradoodles are allergen-free\, my sister in law won’t have to worry about her allergies either.

   Jul 20

Educate yourself on conservation biology and the Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve.

When I was in college I took a class called Conservation Biology. I went to this very unique liberal arts college in a mountain town and we were able to choose core classes that were a little bit more unique than other traditional core classes though they certainly did offer rimba rayamore traditional one. I did not choose to take the traditional ones as I find myself a very nontraditional kind of person as many of the folks that when to my college were. Taking Conservation Biology for my science credit was so wonderful because we got to learn about a very unique section of biology that I find to be very important: the conservation of our wild animals and places. There are so many things that are important about the earth and some of those include preserving our spirits through the earth, keeping us connected to something that is bigger than ourselves, having empathy for the land and animals and really considering what their experience might be, and also conserving what natural resources we have left. There are many companies out there that are doing what they can to preserve special places and one of those special places out there is Rimba Raya a biodiversity reserve which is one of the most highly endangered ecosystems on the planet. Infinite Earth is a company that is doing anything they can to preserve the highly endangered ecosystem of Rimba Raya.

Infinite Earth works on many ways people and companies can beyond the green movement, beyond sustainability and beyond carbon. They are doing whatever they can to help people understand that there is always more that needs to be done to take care of our wild places. When I was taking my conservation biology class, we talked a lot about the same things that Infinite Earth is trying to do for the Rimba Raya reserve. It is so important that we start talking with young people about how to care for the earth because they will inherit the earth, they will be the stewards of the earth one day and that is why my class was so important because it instilled knowledge in the mind of young people and that is why Infinite Earth is such an important business for biological conservation.  If you are interested in finding out ways that you can help, you can hop on Infinite Earth’s website and get yourself educated. Being educated is one of the most powerful tools that people have in helping the earth and ourselves.

Even though I took a stellar class in college about conservation biology, there is still so much more I have to learn about how to be a steward of the earth. There are little things that we can do every day and Infinite Earth is a business that will help you find little ways that you can help benefit our earth and wild reserves like Rimba Raya. It will only take a little time out of your day to read up on the Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve and I can guarantee it will melt your heart and you will want to do something.

   Jul 16

Plumbing Marketing Will Get You Back In The Fight

plumbing SEOI was a golden gloves boxing champion in my teens, so I find myself using boxing analogies all the time and today will be no different I’m sure. It’s always such a useful way to explain just about everything, I guess that’s just because I see everything as a battle, a fight and something that you want to conquer and be victorious at. We may live in a civil society, to a certain extent, but there is no mistaking that war is being waged in many different ways constantly. We live in a capitalistic society, a dog-eat-dog kind of world and the business world is no different. Don’t forget that as I continue on this diatribe using my boxing analogies and my knowledge of proper plumbing marketing tools.

You never want to feel like you’re alone in this world, especially the business world. If you look at it, there may be a lot of battles being waged but it’s not like anyone that’s in business is fighting everyone else that happens to be in business. There are many, many different industries and specialties and although you may think that a plumbing supply company is your competition, they’re not if you’re the plumber and they’re in the business of providing plumbing supplies. So, first of all, know your enemy and after that, you need to start to understand who your friends are and what alliances you need to form in order to put together a proper and effective corner of support and encouragement.

So, if you’ve stepped into the ring then good, you’ve got the will and the courage to fight, but like I said, you need someone in your corner. If you’re in the plumbing business like I am, and you’re a plumber yourself, then you and I, my friend, are going to throw blows. That’s ok though, I welcome the competition, I can’t solve everyone’s clogged toilet problems, there are too many of them, I just prefer the guys that I’m sharing the business with are good people who treat their customers the same. Plumbing SEO is the best thing that I could have ever done for my business. I’ve been in the business for over 30 years and for a minute there, I thought that I was in the later rounds of the fight, I was down on the scorecards and feeling like I was going to have to do something desperate in order to win. I didn’t know how though. I was confused, I was lost, much like a discouraged, beat-down fighter can be after having his butt handed to him for the better part of 9 rounds.

I found a way to come through though, and I began to regain control of the fight when I discovered the Plumber Marketing Gurus. After I had a talk with them, explained my frustrations and put a plan in place, they understood how to build me a killer website and ways to push traffic to it. Now, I have to turn away business because I’m so busy, but I’m always looking for good plumbers to give that business to. So, if you ever want to be one of them, you know where to go, it’s time to fight back.

   Jul 16

I Have Very Fond Memories Of Soccer Camps

youth soccer leagueI can remember some things about my childhood that put a big smile on my face. There are no shortage of good memories, however, some in particular, I am quite fond of and bring a smile to my face every time. I was raised in a family that loved sports, all kinds of sports but specifically, soccer, baseball, basketball and football. My dad loved them all, well, all of them except for soccer, he didn’t think that it was a “tough enough” sport. Well, my Dad is a good guy but he’s not right about everything and this was one of those things, soccer is just as tough of a sport as just about any other, especially out of the ones that I mentioned along with it.

During the summers, youth soccer activities for toddlers were big business in Colorado. Almost everyone I knew came from a family where both parents worked and finding ways to have us all cared for and kept busy while we weren’t at school was a concern that had to be dealt with, somehow, someway. My parents basically used soccer camps as a way to keep us busy and active, while at the same time, under the supervision of qualified, responsible adults. This only better prepared my siblings and I for the competitive Denver soccer leagues that started during the fall and went on until the snow started to fall. I loved running around all day in the sun, sweating profusely and kicking the ball around, I was a pretty good little player. So, In my opinion, my parents were pretty smart to have us involved with Skyline Soccer, because what could be better than occupying your child’s time with something that they loved and kept them active?

I can really only hope to find myself in a position where I can do the things for my children that my parents did for me. Youth soccer activities for toddlers are a great way to keep them healthy, develop their self-esteem and help create positive routines that hopefully turn into good habits that will serve them well for the rest of their lives. They say that human beings are creatures of habit, well if that’s the case then I’d say that playing soccer and exerting yourself in a physical sense is a great habit. I understand though, that there are a lot of kids out there that don’t like sports particularly. That’s ok, it takes all kinds and if they’re not into soccer, then I’m sure that there has got to be a sport that they would be into if approached and introduced properly to one. A kid on their team or an insensitive coach can be the reason why they don’t want to have anything to do with it, so be cognizant of that if you’re a parent. Anything that stimulates the mind or body in a healthy sense will be good for them, but people who don’t understand the importance of this could put your child at an unfair advantage, and none of us would want that.

Skyline Soccer

2370 S. Colorado Blvd.

Denver, CO 80222



   Jul 09

Financial Planners At Legacy Financial Services Group Are There For You

financial advisorThere’s all sorts of things about money that no one knows about, it’s a living thing that breeds and does some unpredictable things. Stock markets, economics, supply and demand; it’s all so complex and if you’ve got something to lose in a financial sense, then it’s in your best interest to understand it yourself, or hire someone whom you trust that does. You see? Money is a funny thing, and your ability, or lack thereof, to manage it is an even funnier thing but you won’t be laughing if all of a sudden, it’s gone. Setting ourselves up for success in life has a lot to do with money, that is if you want security for yourself and your family. All kinds of things are out of our control but controlling our money and making smart investments is one of the best ways that we can remain in some kind of control. Who knows when the next catastrophic event is coming and where it’s going to strike, but the World Bank, for example, pays a lot of people a lot of money to react as quickly as possible when earthquakes, tsunamis, wars, military coups or anything else that affects money markets happens somewhere in this world. That’s another reason why so many financial planning and advisory companies exist like the Legacy Financial Services Group. They’re by no means the World Bank, but they don’t have to be in order to be everything that you need to protect and grow your investments.

This life is no joke, we need to have fun and enjoy ourselves, but not at the expense of mortgaging our future. A mortgage on a house is one thing, taking unnecessary risks with your money or spending it all before you really have any is another. Risk is something that some people are a whole lot more comfortable with than others, and it’s usually almost completely personality-based. Others have to become more comfortable with the idea of it and a good financial planner can help ease you into it while at the same time, remaining cautious and smart about it. There are high-risk, high-reward kinds of investments that make sense to some people and sometimes, they pay off. Other times, however, it can feel a whole lot like a night of gambling gone bad, when you didn’t know when to walk away. So, don’t gamble with your financial future, let one of the many financial planners out there help you get to a more safe and secure place now, so you can have everything you need and want later in your life. If you’re a risk-taker, that’s ok but it’s important to understand when to hold em’ and when to fold em’, as my man Kenny Rogers has said. Understanding who you are and what you’re susceptible to is your personal responsibility, but a financial planner can assist and advise you, so that that the potentially volatile parts of your personality don’t take over and you make some serious mistakes. I hope this all made some sense to you, if not, then you could be in for a world of hurt.

   Jul 08

ALIO can provide top quality precision motion systems

linear air bearings

Have you ever wondered how the modern marvels we have come to rely upon in our society are made? Take a smart phone for example. How is it that of the thousands and thousands of smart phones that roll off the assembly line that none of them seem to have any defects? What about computers. Every year millions of computers are created and assembled with motion control systems and their minuscule parts and detailed arrangements are constructed flawlessly. It is a modern marvel to think that our society is built upon sensitive materials that require laser precision and this is done on a daily basis. How is it all possible? Precision motion controlled systems are a key player in the assembly and construction of many electronics and our world. In short, a precision linear motion system is used in lieu of human construction. If there are situations, materials, obstacles or other reasons why human beings are not preferred for the production phase then something like an air bearing motion system or precision motion system will be put into place. The concept may be simple but the implementation is anything but. Here are a few of the broad strokes of how these systems work and the benefits we gain from them.

Precision air bearings work on a linear motion control system to allow modular devices the ability to smoothly move back-and-forth while performing repetitive tasks with pinpoint accuracy. Even if the task is repeated hundred thousand times the last time will be as perfectly placed as the first. This technology has been in use for some time now but it is in the hands of more and more manufacturers and companies like AL I owe industries have popped up as an innovator and the nanotechnology motion systems field. This company has several patents related to the industry and their goal since being founded in 2001 is to meet and exceed nano precision robot needs. They’re rotary and linear stage lines are designed to be cost-effective without compromising quality. Because you do not have to hire as many humans to perform the complex tasks asked of these linear air bearings you can save money while also saving to effective products. Let’s face it, humans make mistakes but machines when calibrated with ALIO industries software and control systems do not. With less waste and less downtime companies can watch their profits soared and their productivity rise. Best of all, these precision motion control systems can be used in virtually any environment. This means they could be used on the floor of an auto manufacturing plant, any normal atmospheric environment, vacuum chamber and “clean rooms”.
With such versatility and potential to create a world of goods and services linear air bearing and linear motion systems are becoming more popular today than ever. The system works by sending a signal from the controller to actuators on the assembly line. These actuators performed a series of functions like turning, twisting, drilling, welding, soldering and they do so with the effects of electric motors, compressed air or hydraulic pumps. Various kinds of sensors then send information back to precision air bearings and the loop is closed and repeated again.

ALIO Industries

11919 W. 48th Ave.  #119

Wheat Ridge, CO 80033


   Jul 02

Risk Analytics is One Practical Application of Data Mining

What are the benefits of hiring an analytics consulting firm for your business? There are a number of advantages should you choose to. However, before doing that, it is important that you understand first what it is all about. Initially you may think that analytics relate more to online business considering that Google Analytics has become a byword these days. Analytics consulting though can also be applied to businesses that do not necessarily have online presence.

analytics consulting

data mining

Analytics is all about finding patterns in data that are meaningful, which is why it is used by a number of companies in order to improve business performance. One example of this is known as risk analytics, which is typically used by the banking sector. Whenever an individual applies for a loan, the bank makes an assessment of that individual’s credit worth by studying the credit scores and from there be able to predict if such a person will be able to pay said loan.

Risk assessment is not limited to loan applications and can be used for a number of other issues as well. It can be used to determine if you should go ahead with a particular investment or know how your business would fare in the event of an accident or a catastrophe. If the assessment shows that there is too much risk for too less profit, then you know that it would be better to hold off on investments and wait for the time when it becomes profitable for you.

Mosaic Data Science is one such analytics consulting firm that offers risk assessment services. By undergoing risk assessments, businesses will be able to determine what course of action to take that will give the most benefit. In addition, being a data science consulting company as well, Mosaic Data also offers decision analysis services to help you make the right choice.

Say for example you want to expand you business and put up a new branch. For businesses, the concern with expansion is solely focused on cost. There are other risks that you should be aware of. One possible risk would be the amount of clientele that your expansion expects. There are quite a number of risks that one may face but by understanding the system and how it works, you as a business owner will be able to see different scenarios and take the correct measures to reduce risk. Mosaic Data has such services.

The company also offers what is known as a value of information or VoI analysis. A VoI analysis is used if one wants to know when it is sensible to incur expense in order to reduce certain risks and how to go about it. With a portfolio that includes NASA, Boeing and UPS as clients, you know that Mosaic Data as a data science consulting firm knows what it is talking about.

As any business person knows, it is always good to shop around first before looking for the one that you need. But why go to others when the first one on your list of analytics consulting companies is already the best.

   Jun 22

Using IT support for your backup needs

Backing up your data has never been more important. There are so many options now to do it but yet many people are still failing to do so. Being able to back up your information is the only way to safeguard it. Whether it is in our homes or businesses it’s very important that we back up our information. In the business world it is just as important as in our own lives. If you lose items you can’t recover it could be a lot of lost information that can lead to thousands of dollars in damages. Being able to keep it backed up is so important in many of us are not even doing it.

If you have a managed computer support team working for you this is one of the first things they often do is allow you to do online backup to ensure that your information is not going to be lost. In every industry computers are becoming more important. Even in service industries all the way from healthcare to the legal world if you are not using computers you are in a rare category. The more we use them the more they become important the information that we store on them is becoming. If you are not backing up the information you are greatly at risk of losing it all. Using an IT support team to help you with your computer services will be the first tract being able to get your updating automatically so that you cannot lose a moment in time should everything ever happened.  Managed IT SupportThere are many great benefits by being able to have a man his computer service for you. They are able to come in with all different types of useful information about ways you can benefit with your business. We can help you set up software programs that will be detailed for your specific needs and your tracking. The matter what type of industry you have Pacific software can really make a big difference in what you do. Tracking information is a greatly needed heart of any business. And since we all use our computers to track the information we need managed IT support to ensure that everything we are doing is being backed up store safely and we are using our maximum efficiency in doing so. By being able to have a minutes IT support group you’ll be able to have networks that are supported within your company that are safe and protected. Protecting information that you are storing on your computers is also very valuable. Let alone backing it up and also keeping it protected from those who may want to cause harm.

Being able to keep your items clear of viruses and other types of items that can get on the computers can be a big part of making sure you are staying protected. Today we live in an age when everybody brings a different device to work. Because of this it’s important that you are keeping your whole network protected even when somebody brings something from home and plug it into your network. It leaves you exposed and vulnerable if you do not have the right kind of IT support protecting your computers and network. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable and make sure you have the protection that you need for your network services. Have the right IT consulting group working for you to keep you protected from any harm that may come to your information that you have stored on your computers.

   Jun 22

Rodent control to keep your food safe

Rodent control can be important part of being able to keep your food in your home safe. Many people find the rodents can get into food storage that they have around the home. They are exposed and rodents can chew their way into many things and find what they’re looking for. In order to make sure that you can stay road and free calling in a pest control service may be able to help. Wrote a control can vary in different sizes and shapes of what you may be dealing with. Depending on where you live around the country can also make a difference in what type of pests in around the home maybe dealing with. Many people fight different types of animal removal from their homes depending on where they live.

Rodent control is one that is fairly common throughout all the United States. Although some areas may not have as many pass or animals in around the home rodents seem to always find their way to almost every home. Animal RemovalBeing able to fight them off will help you to protect your home your food and your family. Rodents can be in big cities as well as out on the farm. The matter where you are they can be pesky little animals and can be very clever at finding their way into homes so get animal removal. Being able to have a frequent service come by to keep you running free is the best way to combat being able to deal with them. When you have a reliable service that can regularly keep you checked and updated to keep your home free of rodents and even other insects and task can keep you comfortable being within your home. Nobody likes to have these past and other problems with dinner homes. It makes us uncomfortable in your own home so we have to worry about the rodents or pests that may be within them. Being able to take full control of your home and know that you are confident in being rude and free gives you better sleep the night and knowing that you have safety for all your family members within the walls of your home.

Scheduling a regular check up with your pest control company can help you to stay rodent free and in control of your home. These are able to find unique ways to eradicate the past me home and keep you free from these pesky insects pass and rodents. They know the special techniques for each different type of intruder in how to get them out. No matter your insect or rodent problem being able to call it pest-control company to service your needs will help you to feel comfortable in your home. You’ll be able to have a confident feeling a night when you know that the pests are not within your home. The important thing keeping your food pest free when you have the right pest-control for your home. Keep your home safe and clean and get pest control.


   Jun 20

Vibrators can be a lot of fun.

The American public is not comfortable talking about sex, but that sentiment about treating sex as a taboo subject is changing.  I would have to say that my generation is much more comfortable talking about the subject and that can only be a good thing.  As we have witnessed with the recent shooting in Santa Barbara, there is a ton of pent up sexual frustration by young males.  These individuals view women to a large extent as play things and as a result, when their advances are rebuffed, they feel that they have been mortally offended.  Obviously this is not the case and it is necessary for us as a community to look at what has happened and how women are being targeted to figure out a way that men can vent their frustrations, but also learn about women.  Women have the biggest role to play in our society and yet they have been demeaned and limited for years.  To build up women’s role in society more, I think that a big thing that we all have to do is talk more about sex.

vibratorsI believe that men are more uncomfortable than women in talking about sex, so if you let women take sexual control in the bedroom, there is more opportunity for them to take control in other ways.  The first thing that I think should be noted is that it was less than thirty years ago that a court ruled it was possible for a woman to be raped by her husband.  We are coming along slowly, but we obviously have a very far way to go.  A great way to address these sexual frustrations and communications between men and women is through openly discussing sex.  A great way to do this is through sex toy parties.  I say this because it seems to be such a taboo subject that it would force both men and women to come out of their shells a bit to discuss something about which they are not completely comfortable.

My hope in doing this is that more and more people will feel secure with who they are.  If you are able to freely discuss sex, then chances are that you feel much more comfortable with your sexuality and your own personal sexual goals.  While discussion vibrators may not seem to be the path to a less prudish society, I feel that going into the deep end and figuring out exactly what are the base fears of a popular is worth it.  It would force men to talk about something they are not comfortable with and have them in a position to discuss a number of the challenges they are facing.  Increasing communication about sex is the point in a number of these conversations.  It is not all about the adult novelty gifts.  It is about opening up dialog to include the differences between gender and sex and how we as a community can lift up women to be more powerful and for men to feel less sexually repressed.

   Jun 20

Gym Management Software Will Help You Run Your Business.

There are so many different reasons to go with ASF Payment Solutions for your Gym Management Software for your health club facility. They are reliable and have a very good reputation throughout the community and have been in business for 40 years. The services they offer go above and beyond normal Gym Management Software. They have all sorts of billing services, marketing tools, and blogs to help inspire your creativity. If for some crazy reason you are still on the fence about ASF then check out this client case study: I started using ASF less than 2 months ago and even though I was apprehensive about taking things out of my hands, I have had a great experience. Not only have I increased my recurring EFT amount, I have cut down around 20 hours of administrative work every month that I can now use for working on my business. What I have been impressed the most is the ASF customer service!  I made a couple of mistakes in the system when we got started and Cynthia, my ASF training rep, made sure that we fixed it that same day because if we didn’t it could have created a number of issues with our members. She genuinely cared that it was taken care of for me and she heard my concerns.  Every time I call ASF their customer service is incredible and they always help me fix issues fast. ASF has improved my business by the numbers, but even more importantly it has reduced my stress level and given me peace of mind – that is priceless. Luka Hocevar, Hocevar Performance If you are one of those people who can’t let go and thinks they need to micro-manage every detail of your company, I can tell you right now that you are going to get burnt out and things will not turn out the way that you want them too. Take a chance like Luka did who was apprehensive about letting go. Things turned out great for Hocevar Performance because ASF Payment Solutions was able to do what they do best and that is to provide the absolute best Gym Management Software and customer service out there. You should not be anxious to let go and let ASF do the work for you. They have been around for years and know what they are dong. Luka’s case study is a great example of how one such health club has benefitted from ASF Payment Solutions. Luka really benefitted from the customer service at ASF. He made some mistakes and they were quickly reconciled in the system. You want to work with someone who cares about you and your business. We are all human and you are bound to make a mistake. You don’t want a Gym Management Software that doesn’t have the personal touch of caring reps who will go out of their way to fix your issue. With ASF Payment Solutions you can be sure that you and your needs will be put first and you will always be able to count on the team at ASF.

Gym Management Software

   Jun 18

At Least I Knew They Wanted The Stone Siding

It was time to make a decision, but they were waffling. I felt like this was the end of the Packers season again and we were all waiting in limbo as Brett Favre kept us all holding out on his decision about playing another season. The home was built and I had to schedule the exterior work because it was going to be done in less than two weeks. I’d left messages on both phones, it was a wife and husband and neither one of them had gotten back to me yet. There were over 20 different exterior design combinations that could be chosen, so there wasn’t really any such thing as a safe pick. You know, I couldn’t do it for them on their behalf, it’s something that I needed their decision on. I remember them talking about having like a medieval sort of vibe on the outside, that means that they wanted the stone sidingstone siding that looked like large stone blocks. It was a little glossy, in my opinion, but overall it looked good and was an incredible product. So, I guess that’s one thing that’s almost safe to assume, this situation was frustrating me, I admit, I’m kind of a control freak. I despise it when people don’t return my calls too, it’s the worst!

I grabbed a couple powdered donuts and some coffee from the complimentary open house refreshment table. I sat down at my desk, adjusted the blinds and then spun around and punched the space bar on my keyboard to start it up. I sat there and seethed a bit as I dipped my donuts in my coffee and tried to convince myself for a moment that I didn’t do the same thing yesterday, and the day before. These people were making me nervous, all I needed from these guys was a choice between 3 options for 7 different things. It wasn’t that complicated, decorative aluminum siding or brick veneer faux? Tile roof or synthetic wooden shingles? I finished stuffing the last donut down my throat, assisted by the lubrication that the coffee provided, then double clicked on my email icon to see what was cracking.

Spam, spam, groupon, spam, spam…wait, what is this? An email from who? It was the husband and wife buyers that I was talking about that weren’t returning my calls. I clicked on the email to read the body of it, holy cow! They sent this email to me over a week ago with all of their exterior house options chosen and clearly marked. I’m such an imbecile, I’m going to have to apologize profusely for this because my last two messages to them both weren’t really all that nice. They did want the stone veneer siding like I thought, they also wanted a stone-colored tile roof. I had to send them an email right away, it had to be carefully worded. I think that I’d probably take a hit on my own commission to increase their options incentives credit from us. Wow, I’ve never done anything like this before, I obviously need to check my email more often.

   Jun 11

Steel Buildings Make Sense

Whether you were raised in a religious family or not, you probably have still heard of the parable about the foolish man building his house upon the sand. Well, if you haven’t then I’ll quickly explain. It’s a metaphor for choosing a solid foundation on which to build and increase one’s faith upon, but it’s explained using an example of two different men building their homes on foundations with very different physical properties. One of them, the one referred to as the foolish man, built his house upon the sand. The other one, the one referred to as the wise man, built his house upon a rock. Then, the rains came tumbling down and the foolish man’s house that was built upon the sand, washed away while that wise man’s house that was built upon a rock stood unmoved. Well, religious metaphors aside, aren’t we all kind of foolish men building our respective homes upon the sand when we’re deciding to build them out of wood? Fire is one of the most destructive forces on the planet and countless villages and cities have burned to the ground over the course of human history. We live in a time where forged steel is used to help create all kinds of amazing architectural and engineering feats, but we haven’t yet incorporated it into the design of our own homes.

So, if a single match is capable of burning down everything that you’ve ever cared about, then maybe you’ve built your house upon the sand and ought to think about metaphorically relocating it to a more sound foundation. Consider a steel building for your home or business, at least research the possibilities. I know it doesn’t sound very exciting, but that’s only because no one ever talks about what a metal building is really capable of providing. Heating and cooling costs are less with a metal building because they retain heat when you want them to, and they reflect it when it’s coming from the outside. All kinds of aesthetically pleasing exterior and interior packages can be used to make your building look like whatever you want it to. Someone who supplies steel buildings should be able to help you out with some interior designs and artist renderings of the finished project. The right company won’t ship you out a building unless they know that you’ll be able to have it built without a problem with a well thought out interior space plan in place. Just by thinking about building with steel makes you a lot more progressive than some people, others keep on living and sleeping inside flammable boxes without thinking twice about it. I know that building every home out of steel wouldn’t stop homes from burning down completely, but it’d definitely cut the chances down significantly. If you’re going to be forced to think inside of a box because of budgetary concerns, think inside a steel box instead of a wooden one. It just makes more sense to use common sense whenever possible, don’t you agree?

   Jun 10

We Can Find Anything On The Internet, Even Iphone Repair Stores

iphone screen repairIt’s a crazy world that we live in and if you reside in an industrialized nation with access to all of the recent technological advances like wifi internet and cell phones, you might know exactly what I mean. Technology can be used for good just like it can be used for bad, and it’s the responsibility of the hopefully morally sound and educated people to try and make sure it’s utilized appropriately. Some level of deviance is always to be expected however and it can never be stopped, so the role of education is our best defense against trying to ensure that the deviance doesn’t overtake the popular norm. Cell phones were invented to make communication more accessible and convenient for us all, they’re also capable of picking up wireless and mobile internet so people can look up whatever they want to on their phones without anyone knowing what it is that they’re looking at. Thus, people can do almost anything that they want, in an anonymous sense, without fear of judgment by those they care about. A closed-door kind of mentality has developed since with a lot of people. So, although someone can use their phone to look up the closest iPhone screen repair store in the area, they can also look up information about how to make a bomb, or worse. These are the kinds of things that scare people but they shouldn’t, it just means that we need to better understand it by educating ourselves and others on the matter so things don’t ever get out of control.

Our cell phones mean more to us than just about any other technological device that we own. We can stay in touch with our personal friends and business associates by phone, text, email, facebook and other social networking sites. We can also use them to ignore people in a way that people can find very offensive because we all know that most of us have our phones on us all the time and know exactly who’s trying to get a hold of us. When our phones are broken or their screens are shattered however, things can be kind of rough for personal and business reasons before you’re able to get to the store to get your phone repaired. The options to get your phone repaired when needed used to be quite limited, but as time has gone on and the need for other options have been made clear, alternative choices now exist that didn’t before. It’s all about choices, especially if you live in a free society and the role of free agency in our lives is one that shouldn’t be understated. It’s important to feel that we have the knowledge and education to make the right decisions in any given scenario, whether we’re dealing with iPhone repair or the thought of researching something that could be harmful or destructive to ourselves and/or society. Knowledge is power, but a morally sound educational foundation is required to make sure that the power we possess isn’t abused or mishandled.

   Jun 10

Cleaning Guide for Shutters, Blinds and Drapes

Shutters, blinds and drapes are used to dress up your windows. They need proper maintenance to be kept clean and last long. Here are the ways you can take care of them.




  • For easy cleaning close shutters so that you have a flat surface. Dust the surface entirely and make sure they are dry. Realign the slabs to do the other side.
  • For stains and hard to remove dirt, pour water on a piece of dust cloth. Wipe the dirt off and dry right after.
  • Dust and dirt easily adhere to moisture. Drying the surface right after cleaning helps you avoid dirt to accumulate on your shutters right away.
  • If you have shutters made of plastic aluminum , you can also soak them in a tub of water. If they are heavily soiled, detergent may be added to make sure they are thoroughly cleaned. Clean them using a flat sponge or a soft brush. After cleaning hang them vertically. Make sure they are totally dry before putting them back in place.
  • Some shutters roll near the ground. These can be a hiding place for a lot of dirt so make sure that all the cracks and crevices are covered. Make sure that all areas are covered by rolling them down as far as possible. Use water, detergent or a plastic cleaner to give them a good wash. Make sure they are thoroughly rinsed so that no detergent or cleaner is left in the surface after washing. Dry thoroughly before rolling back up.
  • Use a rubber eraser for stubborn spots on shutters that won’t budge.


  • Some vertical blinds are fabric coated. In these cases, do not use with soap with water. You can only spot clean them. Use the brush attachment on vacuum when removing dust and dirt.
  • For spot cleaning always use a dust clot. Spray an all purpose cleaner into the dust cloth instead of spraying it directly into the surface.
  • Wood blinds can be cleaned by vacuuming or a lamb’s wool duster. Soap and water may damage wood blinds so always opt for oil soap or other wood cleaners.
  • Never soak wooden blinds as too much moisture can destroy the integrity of wood. You can wet them to remove dirt but make sure to dry them immediately and thoroughly.


  • Drapes should be cleaned weekly to prevent dust and dirt form accumulating. This is especially important when you have children at home or someone who readily develops and allergic reaction.
  • Vacuum drapes using an up and down motion. Use the brush attachment on your vacuum.
  • When planning to wash your draperies, always check the instructions on the label first. Do not wash if they it is indicated as washable. Also avoid washing if drapes have damage or have some embellishments that are not colorfast.
  • For drapes that are very dirty, it is best taken to a professional cleaner.


   Jun 09

Loose Diamonds Find Their Homes Once They’re Set

Diamonds are a valuable commodity in this world, and they are the hardest and strongest material known to man. In fact, it takes a superior diamond in order to even properly cut another diamond, so some of the best diamonds are never actually seen on retail shelves. Diamonds are like a fine wine, they get better over the course of time, but when they’re ready, it’s time to pop the cork. After a billion or more years of development and some very specific conditions in which to do so, when they’re discovered and mined from what’s commonly referred to as a diamond pipeline, the goal is to get them to market after initially cutting and polishing them. The first evidence of diamond mining that occurred in the early history of man, happened in Ancient India. Like gold in a lot of other civilizations spread throughout the world at the time, diamonds were a status symbol and considered extremely valuable. Now, just like gold is, diamonds are also still considered very valuable and they play a significant role in technology and social affairs. Diamonds have an allure that resonates with people of all ages, cultures and races. Diamonds are like the international language of status and beauty, throw in a few rubies and sapphires and you could feel like modern-day royalty. There are various certifications that a diamond can have, and often jewelry store retailers sell diamonds certified by several different diamond-grading entities. It’s a good way to portray an objective standpoint in the diamond marketplace, because a separate organization or a specific person’s opinion on the matter shouldn’t necessarily be the end-all conclusion in every scenario.

An HRD certified diamond,HRD certified diamond for example, could be equal to another authority’s stone, but the price between those two stones could differ greatly depending on where you buy it and the reputation of the entity that graded it. The appearance and reputation of any business is important, but it’s of paramount importance in the diamond industry. After all, that’s what diamonds are all about with a lot of people in this world; a way to portray a certain image or convey a certain social status by the way that they present themselves. Now, no one is going to know by looking at your diamond earrings or wedding ring if they’re HRD or EGL certified diamonds, but you’ll know and you can’t hide from your conscience. Diamonds are cut, polished, sold and resold sometimes many times before they find their way onto retail shelves. Then, loose diamonds find their homes when they’re selected and set inside a piece of jewelry. You may have heard diamond retailers advertise that they’re able to find a diamond as unique as the person you’re buying it for. This is sentiment designed to get you to buy a piece of jewelry, but for what it’s worth, all diamonds are unique, as are people. Diamonds, like people and snowflakes are distinctive and individually unique, so although there are often some obvious similarities, nothing in nature duplicates itself perfectly.

   Jun 04

Storage Unit Rentals Come With Benefits

storage unit

Many people might just see storage units as simple metal boxes that are gathered up in a specific location.  While at their most basic, yes storage units are used simply for storage, and are ideal for this kind of purpose, they also offer a much more exciting and varied existence outside of plain square buildings.  Whether you’re looking for a simple space to store your materials, or if you’re needing all of the bells and whistles of a storage unit, you’ll be sure to find the most efficient and beneficial space to meet your needs.

While many people use storage rentals for many various reasons, many people use them when they are moving in between houses.  Sometimes people will have to make space in their house when they first sell it on the market, so most, if not all of their personal belongings will have to leave their home while it is shown on the real estate market.  Many people will live in temporary buildings, or at the very least, rent another home until their other one sells on the real estate market, so they will need to keep their goods and furniture all in one place.  Thankfully, many storage locations provide benefits that lend themselves extremely well to those who are in between homes.  For example, many of these storage units have truck rental services as well, so you can take care of all moving and storage related tasks in one convenient location.  Make it a point to ask your service providers if there are bundled discounts of combining truck rentals and storage units, as some companies will offer competitive rates and discounts.  Either way, it is extremely helpful to have both truck rental and storage space offered within the same company, as this can save you both time and money, and you won’t have to run all over town to secure all of the services you need!

In addition to all of your storage and moving related needs, many storage rental units are equipped with full air conditioning and heating units as well.  Those who run the storage units know that temperature is also a key factor in storage, as many kinds of furniture and paper goods need to be kept at a constantly maintained temperature in order to preserve their quality and structure.  Since the majority of storage units are composed almost entirely of metal, they manage to retain a certain amount of heat that is absorbed, and just like keeping things in your attic, there is going to be a little bit of extra heat that might affect your things.  With that in mind, the air conditioning units will ensure that all of your packed materials will be kept at a safe and manageable temperature that will prevent any change or damage.

While these are some of the most handy and readily available features for storage rental units, there are plenty of other resources to use when considering a location to store your material goods.  Always be sure to ask the management if there are any other kinds of added bonuses or perks that are available to you as a renter of one of their storage spaces, as there could be some unexpected and helpful perks when renting from them!

   Jun 04

An LED Panel Saved My And The Life Of My Sleeping Child

When most people think about LED technology, they just think about how they can watch their football games in better resolution or how their homes can be brighter and more modern looking. But what if I told you that a simple state investment in LED signageLED signage saved mine and my sleeping child’s lives? That’s right. We must have passed by a hundred LED screens that night on our way back from visiting my sister in Northfork, signs that advertised hot bagels and a free blood test. You see so many of those brightly-lit signs that sometimes you don’t even notice them until one day they save you and your only child’s lives. Once the sign has been that important to you, then you never see one in the same light again.

Northfork is about an 11 hour drive from out of town, and I had decided to drive back during the night because my sister has this pet bird and the thing never stopped squawking. I mean, we were at my sister’s house for almost a week and the bird didn’t stop making noise at night during our entire stay. I couldn’t sleep and I suggested that she put the bird in the garage at night, but she said it was too cold. Little did she know at the time, that her concern for her pet bird almost became the reason for the deaths of her brother and his sleeping son. So, the last night we were there, I told my sister that we were going to leave since we couldn’t sleep and it was driving us crazy.

We hit the road and my son fell asleep. He is only seven and for him it was late, but for me it just meant I had to stay awake another way. I did all I could to stay alert. I listened to loud music and stopped for coffee at least twice but around the sixth hour on the highway, I was feeling pretty beat. I remember looking over at my son, sleeping so peacefully and thinking how nice that would be. My eyes started to close on their own and I just kept speeding along into the night.

Then something strange happened; all of a sudden, a huge semi truck flew by me swerving violently and honking its horn. That woke me up some but honestly, I thought that I had fallen asleep for a second and then dreamed the entire, stressful episode so initially, I wasn’t too concerned. Just then, like an angel from heaven, there appeared a huge flashing LED display that read “WRONG WAY!” It was that LED screen that saved my and my sleeping child’s lives. You see, I had been so tired at some point I had crossed over into the oncoming traffic and if that sign had not been there I don’t think I would be writing this today. Now I look at LEDs in a whole new way, I saw them more like little glowing angels from heaven.

   Jun 01

Orthodontics makes a world full of smiles

Going to visit the orthodontist is not always at the top of everybody’s list. Many people put off for years some of the problems that they face with their mouth before ever going and seeing the orthodontist. There are so many ways to make corrections easier and better than ever before that it may be time for you to finally go and stop putting off the visit to the orthodontist and see him about getting your teeth fixed. Many of us have grown up without having the option or opportunity to be able to have these types of things done at a young age. But it doesn’t mean that your opportunity is too late. Many people are now realizing in their adulthood that they can afford being able to have their teeth finally fixed and enjoy a great smile that they have been missing out on. It’s all about gaining confidence in being able to present the best you. When you have different types of cosmetic problems with your teeth many people even decide to smile without showing off your teeth. It can cause an awkward smile and make you feel uncomfortable if you are not comfortable in your own teeth.

When you need to feel comfortable in your teeth once again be sure to visit the orthodontist you will find that there are many new different types of procedures that can make the process more simple and easier to do than ever.invisalign You’ll be able to enjoy the smile that you’ve been looking for and stop putting off the trip to the orthodontist office. Orthodontics is able to make your smile one that you’re able to enjoy and have as your own to treasure. When you do not have that many people will find that they make an awkward smile and are not comfortable being able to make the right kind of smile that is more comfortable for them. Feel comfortable with your smiling in confidence by being able to have the problems with your teeth finally fixed and feel more comfortable than ever before. It’s not too late to have the work done and being able to feel confident in your scission will help you to enjoy life more fully and be comfortable with a great big beautiful smile and teeth that you can have confidence in.

By being able to visit your orthodontist you’re going to be able to take the first step in enjoying your new smile once again. When you get the results many people cannot stop smiling because they can’t believe they put it off for so long. It is an incredible experience for many people to be able to finally have their teeth fixed and fill confident with their smile. You’ll not regret ever having the work done but you’ll always regret not having it done. Find that there are many options with orthodontic processes can be done today can be an easier process than you may have imagined.  So sit down and decide what process is best for you to have that smile you want maybe braces maybe invisalign.

   May 25

Look into Colorado ranches for sale for a new way of life

Living on a ranch can be a new way of life for many people. It can also be a great way for you to be able to enjoy some time away from a hectic city. Whether it is a place where you can get away from the busy schedules of life or a place in which you want to enjoy the remainder of your life on a ranch can become suited for just about any of the needs that you can think of. He can be a great place to raise a family and a great place to vacation on. And chances are you can find ranches for sale that will fit just about every need that you have ever wanted or dreamed about for you in your life.

It doesn’t just mean a new way of life it can be a great way of getting back your old life that you didn’t even realized you left behind or missed. colorado ranches for saleBeing able to live on a ranch can mean many things for many people. You can give some people the ability to enjoy the peace of the outdoors and it can mean a challenging life in a more natural nature way for those who wish to have animals and other livestock in which they choose to grow on the land. No matter how you or anyone else decides to use the land it can really benefit many people in different ways by giving them a sense of peace and satisfaction. Not to mention the scenery that you get to enjoy every day without the craziness you see in so many communities today. Ranches mean the great outdoors the ability to roam on your own land and even an investment that can be a unique opportunity.

The ranch can even be a great way to earn a living. It can be a great way to live off the land and step away from the craziness of life. Colorado ranches for sale are available in all areas around the state. You can fit one for just about any size that you were looking for. There are many which have great amounts of scenery and options for being next to rivers and lakes. From the Rocky Mountains to the planes you can find ranks of all kinds of styles and shapes. They are very popular in the Western states and the ranches can range all the way from Oregon to Texas ranches for sale as well. Depending on what you may want to use the land for or what is closer to home for you can really depend on where you want to find a ranch that fits your every need.  Life is short and sweet so live life to its fullest without regret and think of all the possibilities a ranch can bring to your life as well as the investment of land a ranch can bring too.  Ranches are peaceful hard working investments of life that everyone should have a chance to experience.